Some of the best types of bespoke engagement rings

So, you are struggling to find a perfect ring for your fiancé? Is this your arranged marriage in which you do not know about your fiancé’s choice or a love marriage in which you cannot tell what kind of ring does she prefer to wear? No worries, we are here to help you in such matters. Rings are meant to be given at special events to someone very special who holds quite a special place in your heart. This is the reason that you cannot take a risk in selecting a wrong ring for your loved one. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the best types of bespoke engagement rings. 

Bespoke engagement rings: 

We are well aware what exactly are engagement rings; we know that they are the symbol of love, a sign of union and a promise of long lasting life together. Many descriptions can be given to a single engagement ring. Each description goes according to the experience of person’s love life. Bespoke engagement rings are the kind of engagement rings which have been prepared especially on the instructions of the soon to be wed couple. These rings hold a personalized touch in them which can only be understood by the couple. 

Bespoke engagement rings make an engagement ring even more special for the couple as they already are a symbol of life but now they hold some special and hidden meaning in them which makes this ring even more special. Some people like to engrave their respective spouse’s name on the rings while others like it in such a shape which hints at a memory which they have lived together. There are various types of bespoke engagement rings but we are going to discuss about some of the best kinds of bespoke engagement rings. 

Types of bespoke engagement rings: 

We have already understood the idea of bespoke engagement rings, now let us discuss about the different types of bespoke engagement rings in Melbourne. One of the most popular engagement rings is the scattered diamond and parti sapphire ring. The reason for the great love and craze for this ring among girls is that it is the latest design which has never been seen before. It is extremely delicate and fine. Moreover, you can always add your personalized touch in the ring to make it even more beautiful. Then there is hexagonal cut Australian parti sapphire rings in Melbourne and baguette engagement ring. This is an exquisite piece which cannot be compared with any other ring as it has its own sense of uniqueness.  

Other than these, there is square diamond element engagement ring; it is the best choice for the girls who like minimalist look. It is a decent selection yet an extraordinary piece. Besides these, there is modified hexagonal diamond elevate ring which is an extremely exquisite ring that goes with every colour and makes you stand out in every function once you are wearing it. 

The speciality about bespoke engagement rings: 

Every engagement ring is special on its own way but bespoke engagement ring enhances the value of a ring even more. The reason for this is that, in bespoke engagement rings a personalized touch is added which makes the couple remember about their special memories after seeing that ring. If a couple is going through any personal quarrels then this bespoke engagement ring reminds the couple about their loved or happy moments which makes them forget about their fights and reminds them the amount of love they hold for each other. 


Ring is the most special and most loved piece of jewellery among women. The reason for this is that it holds special meaning and stores special memories in that single piece of jewel and when a personalized touch is added in these rings then they become even more special. There are different types of bespoke engagement rings which differ from one another on the basis of their style and price. Some of the best types of bespoke engagement rings have been mentioned above. “Melanie Ketsalidis” sells the best and most exquisite types of bespoke engagement rings. She makes sure to make your event even more special. 

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