Teardrop banners and other types of promotional banners

We are living in the times where the competition among companies has grown to a great extent. After the globalization of the world, the competition among different companies, firms, organizations and institutes have grown even more because in the beginning the competition was within the country but now it has reached an international level. So, the brands have to uplift their game and have to come up with the latest promotional techniques or marketing strategies. These marketing strategies vary from online marketing strategies to offline marketing strategy. One such marketing strategy is carried out by the use of promotional banners like teardrop banners. We will be discussing about teardrop banners and various other types of promotional banners in this article. 


Marketing is the process of promoting ones brand, company or organization. It is said that marketing of the product is as important as the manufacturing of the product because people would not be aware about the existence of a product without its proper promotion. This is the reason that all companies have special marketing department who tries their best to innovate different marketing strategies. These marketing strategies can either be online marketinstrategies or offline marketing strategies. Online marketing strategies are usually connected to the digital world and internet services whereas offline marketing strategies are concerned with the actual/real world. One such promotional strategy is carried out by the use of promotional banners. 

Promotional banners: 

Promotional banner is the kind of an offline marketing strategy in which the product is promoted or publicized by displaying it on the banner. Banner is a long cloth or plastic like structure that has the logo and name of a product which is meant to be advertised. The use of banners for marketing purposes has been going on since ages. However, man has become more and more advanced which is why his way of advertising the product on banner has also been progressed.  Banners can be categorized into various types. 

Different types of promotional banners: 

Promotional banners can further be divided into various kinds on the basis of their functionality and composition. There are pull up banners which can easily be rolled up according to the requirement of an owner. These banners are suitable for any event that needs to be publicized. Then there are backdrop banners that are displayed at the back of any promotional event. These banners have different logos on them which are promoted when a show or any event takes place. One such type of a banner is a teardrop banner. 

Teardrop banners: 

Teardrop banners are the type of banners which are made in a shape of large drop of tear which is why they are named as teardrop banners in Melbourne. Their shape also matches to that of a feather. These banners are attached to a long rod like stand that has a base at the bottom and is slightly bent or curved from the top. The banner begins from the circular area and ends at the middle of the rod. Teardrop banners are made as such that they remain intact. Moreover, they firmly stand on the ground that no wind pressure can move them or take them away.  

The logo or the promotional ad is imprinted on the teardrop banner by the use of dye sublimation. It is quite visible from the far off distances as well. Teardrop banners are most commonly seen in beaches and other such areas as they cannot be disturbed by the pressure of wind.  


Banners are the structures that are used to promote a brand or any product by imprinting the name of that particular brand on the banner, then this banner is placed on such public places where most of the people would get to see it. Banners are categorized into different types depending upon their structure and functionality. One such type of a banner is known as teardrop banners. Teardrop banners are the banners that are shaped as a large drop of tear or like a feather of a bird. They are quiet visible from the far off places as well. “Banner world” offers the best quality of teardrop banners. 

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