Why is there so much hype about Sophie giraffe?

Babies are undoubtedly the impersonation of angels. They are the purest creatures of God who are a sure short way to bring smile on the depressed and sad faces of people. We agree that sometimes these little creatures can turn into real devils when they do not get what they want but they are the source of happiness as well. Toddlers or children are old enough to tell what they want either through their actions or through their gibberish language but it is the babies who are unable to tell about their wishes and mother have to find it out through their motherly instinct. Sometimes a baby cries when he has stomach ache while there are times when a baby cries due to pain in his jaws and growing teeth. There is no sure short formula to relief the pain of growing teeth but it can be lessened by providing your baby with a teether. Teether is kind of a toy that a baby puts in between his jaws to find relief from the pain. In this article, we will be discussing about one such kind of a teether that is known as Sophie giraffe teether. 

Sophie giraffe: 

Sophie giraffe is the kind of a teether that is one of the favourites among parents and the baby’s offcourse. It is a giraffe like toy that is made up of natural rubber so it is not harmful for the babies at all and its smells is of Hevea tree which attracts baby’s attention. The reason why this teether has been named as “Sophie” giraffe is because it was invented on the feast day of Sophie Madeline. This teether is recommended for the babies of three to four months old. 

Why there is so much hype about Sophie giraffe teether? 

There is so much hype about Sophie giraffe teether because it is made up of such a rubber that it relieves the pain of baby’s gums to a great extent. Besides that; the rubber used in its making is not harmful at all. Another plus point about this teether is that the legs and neck of the giraffe are easy to fit into the grip of baby’s hands. So; we can say that the hype that has been given to this teether is worth it.

Luxury baby gifts: 

Besides giving this Sophie giraffe as a gift to others; there are many other such luxury baby gifts that can be given to the new parents for occasions like baby shower or christening parties. There are some amazing baby gifts that can be given to the new born babies. These baby gifts come in packs that contain some amazing baby things varying from baby wear to baby toys. One thing that is mostly seen in the basket of baby gifts is a teddy bear.  

Luxury baby gifts for all babies: 

You can find a baby gift basket for both genders that is for girls as well as boys. Besides that; if you are not aware of the gender then you can buy some amazing baby gifts with neutral colours so that it will suit any gender. There is an option of creating your very own baby box as well in which you can include tiny bunnies, a baby wear and the most loved toy of babies which is Sophia giraffe teether. You can give gifts to the new parents as well which mostly constitutes of chocolates, champagne, flowers or other such things.  


All kinds of celebrations have their own importance but the celebration of baby showers or christening ceremonies have their own source of joy and happiness that reflects on the faces of every person standing there. People give different kinds of luxury baby gifts to new born parents in such occasions; these gifts can be in the form of gift boxes as well as a solo gift. You can create your own gift box as well by adding the gifts of your choice in it. One of the most loved gifts among babies is Sophie giraffe teether. “The baby gift company” offers bets kinds of luxury baby gifts and Sophie giraffe teether. 

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