Better Safe Than Sorry


If you work in the construction industry, it won’t be news to you that a person got injured while working at the construction site. This usually due to the negligence of the workers and the structure not being solid enough to hold by itself. To keep your crew safe on the construction site, structural support is essential. To make your job easier and help you sleep better, structural shoring is a great option. They are temporary structures that are designed to support buildings and bridges under construction. It includes solid modular steel components to create legs and steel towers to support load bearing supports capable of supporting to lots of weight. They offer temporary support to structures that are built using concrete, so they are held up in a fixed position while pouring and waiting for it to harden. Such support structures can be used in situations like bridge repair where propping legs can be used to form towers that can act as peers for these bridges. Furthermore, if you are an individual who makes use of purchasers who outsource work, adding shoring and propping plans to your construction project can help greatly with your submission as it is a plan that puts safety first. 

Shoring and propping plans can either make a project or fail it. This is why the role of engineers is very important to the shoring and propping process as the risks involved are very significant. The size of the project doesn’t matter, it is really important that you have a trained engineer sign off on your plans or help you make your designs. They will take into account all the factors like the proximity of neighbouring buildings, in and above trench safety so as to determine the correct solution for your particular construction site. Furthermore, there are specific guidelines regarding shoring trenches and propping structures that you have to follow so it is better to call an engineer who is an expert on these guidelines and will engineer a system that is up to the best practice standard. 

Shore hire is the best shoring and propping hire Brisbane company in Australia who aim not only to provide their customers with the highest quality equipment, but it also helps achieve the safest solution to your problem. They offer a wide range of services to you as they believe that your satisfaction and safety comes first. Their in house engineering team is capable of providing thorough designs for a shoring and propping system which complements their hire and sales service. They are experienced and help you achieve cost effectiveness while providing a safe plan that is designed custom to your specifications. They also offer a complete rigging service staffed by fully qualified riggers who work with the project engineers to offer a qualified solution. They own a transport fleet of modern crane trucks which helps fulfil your site delivery and collection requirements which makes it a lot easier for you to carry out your project and saves you a ton of time and money. Furthermore, they are committed and invested in providing you with the best on site support by offering you site inspections, installation and installation guidance. They ensure that the equipment being used is specific to the site requirements and the correct documentation is in place before starting the project.  

Shore hire offers you a wide range of products, so it doesn’t matter what size or specifications your project are, they can provide you with the compatible product that fulfils the requirement. They provide you with level and pipe lasers which are suited to help establish that the site is levelled or help lay down pipes to grade. They sell construction props which are perhaps essential to any project as they offer a great temporary support system for buildings while guiding you from tender to installation to project completion.

Shore hire offers the best products at the most economical prices which are tailored to your specifications. They believe that you and your safety come first so they ensure that the design they provide is site specific. They work through all the stages of the project with your team to certify that you have the most cost effective and innovative solution to fit your plan. So contact Shore hire for the best shoring and propping hire and sale service in Australia to secure your construction site and get a timely and safe solution.

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