The Doctor You K-Need For Your Arthritis!

You may have come across it at some time in your life, joint pains. Man can they be awful at times. You never know whether it’s the change in weather, whether you slept bad or whether there’s another underlying issue which you need to take notice of and perhaps even get checked out. Joints are some of the most sensitive areas of our limbs. They are responsible for the movements which we need to do in order to live a fully functional normal life. You never really know how bad it can be and how much you may take for granted the fact that you have fully functional limbs with full mobility and dexterity. Someone who is suffering from arthritis will tell you how bad it can be to not have full movement in their joints as well as the pain which comes along with the joint related disease.Arthritis is something we often relate with someone who is older in age and may have a history of the disease in the family. As valid as the latter may be, it doesn’t necessarily have to exist only in aged people, instances of it occurring in younger adults have come across as well in recent times, it’s no longer something which is unheard of.If you are looking to get arthritis checked out, we may have the perfect solution for you in terms of a doctor. David Slattery is a well-accomplished surgeon in his field, having been credited with several major awards over the years. He specializes in hip, pelvic and knee joints but is also capable of handling other orthopedic related issues, since that is what he was trained for in the first place. If you are experiencing any sort of pain in the knee, you may want to go over to Dr Slattery and have it checked out.

The knee is one of the most important joints in our body. Major bending of the leg is related to the pivotal role of the knee. It is also the biggest joint in the entire body, thus impairment of any sort can be a huge issue for someone who is suffering from knee arthritis. It can impair even the most minor of activities, including walking and climbing up stairs, bad new if your bedroom is on the first floor!
Dr Slattery is perfectly capable of taking care of your knee. You can visit him for a consultation and gauge whether it is something simple or you are a more complex case needing knee arthritis surgery. Its best to get down to the root of the issue as soon as possible, waiting too long in a case like this could cause the patient severe discomfort.

Many people want to know exactly what the issue is and what is going on with the knee. They don’t understand what is causing the pain and are confused as to how to go about their daily life. Yes, the doctor will inform them about what is wrong, but perhaps a basic understanding prior to the visit may be helpful in order to fully understand what the doctor is saying.
Basically, in the simplest terms, the two bones in the leg, the thigh bone and the shin bone start rubbing against each other which can cause severe discomfort to the person who is suffering from the ailment. In simpler cases, you may receive medicine and physiotherapy but in more complicated issues you may come across the need for knee arthritis surgery.

You can count on the doctor to be able to take care of you no matter what the situation, as long as it’s within his area of expertise. It goes without saying that the simpler solution, that being medicine and physio is preferred and surgery is to be the last resort providing the previously mentioned treatments fails to solve the issue which the person is suffering from.

We hope this has been of help to you. You can consider Dr Slattery as the doctor who could treat you, not to say there aren’t others in the city as well. We hope that you receive the treatment which you need and return to functioning as normal as soon as possible.


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